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The day I got back from Kyiv, I was off to Brazil – this trip was for vacation. The trip to Porto Alegre, Brazil took about 30 hours from Seattle. You can imagine the confusion my body felt with all the time zone changes. Zzz! But, December in the US is springtime in Brazil – definitely something to look forward to after snowy Kyiv.

Brazil is one of the most rapidly evolving technology hubs. As Bloomberg News reported this week: “Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia will double their Internet users to 1.2 billion by 2015, fueling growth at media companies and phone carriers, according to Boston Consulting Group Inc.” (more…)


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Centuries of development and improvements to communications technology have revealed fairly predictable production and market trends. The lifecycle of a product has been established, the theories of performance have been addressed and the pros and cons of competition have been identified.


In her book, “A Social History of American Technology,” Ruth Schwartz Cowan follows the introduction and displacement of communications technologies. Starting with the development of wireless telegraphy in 1887 and following history through to the 1990s’ popularity of cable television, Cowan uncovers the patterns of technological growth. The focus of her work, however, is the question of “Who should be in charge of all the various technologies of communication?” (p. 273).


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