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AuOutdoor Retailer Displaygust 2-5, 2012 marked the annual Outdoor Retailer Summer Market conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was my second year attending. I attended as a buyer with my colleague Tom, to meet with existing partners and mingle with new potential partners. It was awesome to visit the booths of my favorite outdoor brands, including Brooks (best running gear!) and Patagonia (best ski jackets!). One of our partners had a booth that included Geocaching gear.

This year we stayed in beautiful Park City rather than downtown Salt Lake City. With my background in ski instructing, I found Park City to be a much better fit as a place to stay rather than SLC. I’ll have to find an excuse to go in the winter, next!


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Dinos in Fremont

A couple of times a year, we have “Geaocaching Mania Month” at work (Geocaching.com) to encourage staff to get outside and geocache more. Of course, there is always friendly competition to see who can find the most geocaches, the farthest geocaches, etc. In the spirit of the game, I went geocaching before work several mornings. My reward? This amazing scene of dinosaurs in someone’s yard in Fremont! Definitely a highlight of the day!

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I accomplished my first T5 Geocache find at Mailbox Peak Summit on July 4, 2011. “T5” refers to the difficulty level of the terrain on a scale of 1-5. Most of my geocache finds have been in urban areas, since I live in the city. So, I usually find small containers or nanos. (Often times, cities don’t have enough room for large cache containers to be hidden.)

The Mailbox Peak Summit geocache is a long way from urban – a long way up. The cache is hidden at the top of a long, steep hike. The distance from the trail head to the cache isn’t a long distance, but the amount of steep terrain is certainly long. The hike is roughly 3 miles, something that would take about 45 minutes to walk on flat ground. With the elevation gain, the 3 miles up Mailbox Peak took nearly 3 hours to complete! (more…)

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What an adventure! On June 3rd, I set-up shop at the Wild Canyon Games in Antelope, Oregon (a Very remote area!) to support the Games on behalf of Geocaching.com, alongside other fundraising sponsors, like Nike. Wild Canyon Games is a weekend-long multi-sport event in which teams of 7 compete to win. The race events include a triathlon, zip line, and massive geocaching course. Check out the Wild Canyon Games web site to see the amazing event photos! Several charitable organizations benefit from the Games.

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Last weekend, I attended my first official CITO event! CITOs (Cache In Trash Out) are hosted globally by members of the geocaching community. Although I’ve been working for Geocaching.com for more than 2 months now, this was my first formal geocaching event. In the past, my geocache hunts have been done with family or friends, not with the greater geocaching community. It was a lot of fun to meet some the community and help to clean up the environment, just in time for Earth Day.

My colleagues, MissJenn and Dani were along for the CITO, as well. We chose to attend “This CITO’s a Beach” on the waterfront of Everett, WA. The event was hosted by the friendly johnny cache. (more…)

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