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Dinos in Fremont

A couple of times a year, we have “Geaocaching Mania Month” at work (Geocaching.com) to encourage staff to get outside and geocache more. Of course, there is always friendly competition to see who can find the most geocaches, the farthest geocaches, etc. In the spirit of the game, I went geocaching before work several mornings. My reward? This amazing scene of dinosaurs in someone’s yard in Fremont! Definitely a highlight of the day!


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August 20th marked International Geocaching Day, and the annual Block Party in Fremont, WA – near the Geocaching.com headquarters. Visitors from all over the world came to meet with Groundspeak Lackeys, enjoy the fun events and mingle with other geocaching fanatics. Signal the Frog made an appearance despite the summer heat and company founders took a splashing in the dunk tank. A geocaching course was set-up around the area to encourage visitors to see the area and earn a prized geocoin puzzle.

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