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The Harvard Business Review article “Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave” by Joseph L. Bower and Clayton M. Christensen is one of the most useful articles I’ve read pertaining to the rise of successful new technologies. Despite being written in 1995, the material is just as relevant today as it was 14 years ago.


Several take-aways can be gained from the article. One key learning is the overall importance of technology executives knowing how their market operates. The most successful response to new technology is not an inherent one. While it is safe to stay close to a company’s tried and true products, this is where corporate downfall often happens. Rather than keeping an eye out for emerging trends and technologies, companies often listen to their customers who simply like what they already have. From this, companies believe that customers don’t want new technologies. However, when a new technology is introduced that more efficiently meets market demand, customers will follow. (more…)


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