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This past ski season marked my 5th year of ski instructing with the well-known Fiorini Ski School. The school has been in business for generations. Many of its students grow-up to become adults who teach for the school, and who later send their own children on the same path: from student to instructor. The Fiorini Ski School began operating in the 1940s, with Bing Crosby as one of its famous clients. 

Over the past 5 years, I’ve noticed that the art of ski instructing shares many parallels with the world of business. Although, I must admit, I have been ski instructing for the fun of it, and not seeing it as “work.” Following are many of the business skills that mirror those of teaching ski lessons to children: (more…)


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In March, my ski buddy Katie had a business trip to Colorado – a great excuse for me to join her for a weekend at Vail and Beaver Creek! (more…)

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While looking for a Web site that integrates streaming media directly into its page, I recalled the University of Washington site that shows live footage from a Web cam pointed at Suzzallo Library. It is automatically updated every 5 minutes. I recall viewing the Web cam footage while in undergrad and the one draw back is that the campus isn’t quite as appealing to look at during the dark, rainy months.


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