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A compilation of information about Internal Communication Evolution and Trends can be found at the following Web site:



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Following is an outline for the business model of the fictitious Societies Media Co.

Societies Media Company is a leader in the social news media category. This award winning company has cracked the code on bringing popular news and local events to consumers. Societies Media combines the convenience of local city guides with breaking news and local news. With the rapidly evolving (declining) news media and new focus on personalized digital services, Societies Media is listening to and meeting the needs of consumers.

A. Target Demographic

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The television conglomerate NBC has created a strong mobile media campaign for its hit show, The Office. The mobile campaign is broad in scope. It includes mobile content ranging from games to specially developed Mobisodes. Riding on the coattails of the show’s success, even mobile ringtones based on The Office can be found online from vendors such as AOL. Following is a review of NBC’s mobile campaign for its popular television series.


The mobile campaign for The Office uses several types of mobile content: • SMS (short message service) is used to deliver program alerts via text message to fans’ cell phones. • WAP (wireless application protocol) is used to allow fans to access the show’s mobile Internet site from their cellular devices. • Web content is used to encourage users to try out the mobile services offered by The Office and directs them to the mobile site for the show. (more…)

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In Germany, the past and present of communication technology resounds through the cities. Ancient churches feature pre-literacy communication: colorful stained glass windows tell the stories of The Bible. Marienkirche (St. Mary’s church) in the northern town of Lübeck features an old Gutenberg press. In Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, a different St. Mary’s Church stands within the same sightline as the tallest structure in the country, Berliner Fernsehturm: the space-age-esque Berlin Television Tower (photo below).

Mobile technology has a presence with store front shops in historic buildings, offering carrier services from E-Plus and T-Punkt (photo below) the Germanic arm of T-mobile. There seems to be stronger trend of downloadable mobile features in Germany than Seattle. TV advertisements play consecutively to encourage text-based downloads of animated animals and women.

Photos by Andreas Steinhoff and Christy Luther:


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As Chris Anderson states in The Long Tail, “It’s the Internet that has become the ultimate discovery vehicle for new music.” Deana Sobel’s article “A Bite Out of Apple? iTunes, Interoperability, and France’s Dadvsi Law” examines how that “ultimate discovery vehicle” has led to an ultimately-contested copyright problem – a topic Anderson addresses as well.

The iTunes example Sobel uses is an elaboration on Anderson’s observation that big companies like “Disney and Metallica may be doing all they can to embrace and extend copyright” in the digital age.


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