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Fat Cork

Are you familiar with Fat Cork? It’s a new and very cool online Champagne retailer based in Seattle. Fat Cork offers rare (and tasty!) grower’s selection Champagnes. And, there’s a subscription style club, “FC Club”, in which you can receive regular shipments of Champagne.

I was fortunate to visit their rustic-chic warehouse in Seattle, and got to enjoy a Champagne tasting with several friends. Of course, we walked away with several bottles at the end of the evening.


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This summer, I decided to take up the sport of rowing. I took several classes from Lake Washington Rowing Club (located on Lake Union). The crew house is next to my office, so it’s an easy option to take classes either before or after work.

The summer morning classes were incredibly beautiful. The clam water and sunny morning skies were enough to make anyone feel at peace. Some days I felt as though sitting in the boat, surrounded by such beautiful scenery, was all I needed – who needs to row, when it’s so lovely to just be there? On some mornings, there would be friendly pet dogs in the crew house, waiting for their owners to finish rowing – and eagerly greeting the other rowers.

Evening rowing classes were another story. The canal and Lake were often busy with motor boaters, creating lots of traffic and a pretty heavy wake. Morning rowing wins in my book!

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Halloween Mercedes

This Halloween, we donned our homemade Mercedes costume in celebration of the little red car.

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Puppy Protocol?

What is the protocol for taking pictures of other people’s pets? Is it similar to taking photos of someone’s children without asking? Does it fall into the creepy category?

I walk just about everywhere, and I have seen some of the cuuutest puppies and kittens on my walks! I usually want to take a picture of them, but then I stop because it seems a little strange. What if the owner sees me doing so? Well, this week I was able to see the owner with a puppy and asked permission. 🙂 (more…)

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