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We spent the 4th of July on pretty Bainbridge Island. A short getaway from Seattle (and a perfect summer day trip for one of the Mercedes), we spent the day exploring Bloedel Reserve and finished the night at a friend’s house on the water – with great views of the sunset and, later, the fireworks!

Bloedel Reserve is a beautiful and peaceful estate that was established by Mr. Prentice Bloedel, a Canadian lumber baron. We spent several hours walking the grounds and enjoyed relaxing at a bench overlooking one of the ponds. The Reserve is expertly landscaped to have a healing effect and to provide wellness through nature. At the farthest end of the grounds is the manor house where the family used to reside. The house is open for visitors to tour, as well. (more…)


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Dinos in Fremont

A couple of times a year, we have “Geaocaching Mania Month” at work (Geocaching.com) to encourage staff to get outside and geocache more. Of course, there is always friendly competition to see who can find the most geocaches, the farthest geocaches, etc. In the spirit of the game, I went geocaching before work several mornings. My reward? This amazing scene of dinosaurs in someone’s yard in Fremont! Definitely a highlight of the day!

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