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I accomplished my first T5 Geocache find at Mailbox Peak Summit on July 4, 2011. “T5” refers to the difficulty level of the terrain on a scale of 1-5. Most of my geocache finds have been in urban areas, since I live in the city. So, I usually find small containers or nanos. (Often times, cities don’t have enough room for large cache containers to be hidden.)

The Mailbox Peak Summit geocache is a long way from urban – a long way up. The cache is hidden at the top of a long, steep hike. The distance from the trail head to the cache isn’t a long distance, but the amount of steep terrain is certainly long. The hike is roughly 3 miles, something that would take about 45 minutes to walk on flat ground. With the elevation gain, the 3 miles up Mailbox Peak took nearly 3 hours to complete! (more…)


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