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Puppy Protocol?

What is the protocol for taking pictures of other people’s pets? Is it similar to taking photos of someone’s children without asking? Does it fall into the creepy category?

I walk just about everywhere, and I have seen some of the cuuutest puppies and kittens on my walks! I usually want to take a picture of them, but then I stop because it seems a little strange. What if the owner sees me doing so? Well, this week I was able to see the owner with a puppy and asked permission. 🙂 (more…)


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Last weekend, I attended my first official CITO event! CITOs (Cache In Trash Out) are hosted globally by members of the geocaching community. Although I’ve been working for Geocaching.com for more than 2 months now, this was my first formal geocaching event. In the past, my geocache hunts have been done with family or friends, not with the greater geocaching community. It was a lot of fun to meet some the community and help to clean up the environment, just in time for Earth Day.

My colleagues, MissJenn and Dani were along for the CITO, as well. We chose to attend “This CITO’s a Beach” on the waterfront of Everett, WA. The event was hosted by the friendly johnny cache. (more…)

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